Wednesday, 10 September 2014

trying new things

10th September 2014  - SW 19 st 5lb CW 15st 12 ½ lbs = total loss of 49 lbs/3 st 7lbs

Sorry I’ve been rubbish at keeping this up to date but I’m doing fab and staying on track as always. I maintained the last week and then lost three this week. There’s been a bump in the road in my personal life resulting in me moving soon but it’s not making me go off track at all I’m sticking to it and carrying on regardless.
I’m still questioning fitness, I know I need to do it but I know at first it will slow down my losses and I really don’t want it to until I’m a bit further on my journey.

 Again meal planning has been great for me these past few weeks, it really does save me having to think at night when i get home from work. The slow cooker is my best friend so need to do some more recipes. I’ve bought some new cook books too to make some great meals.

New things I’ve tried:

Boots Shapers mint choc nougat bars – 4 syns each and EPIC

Muller light – after eight yoghurt – it’s ok was expecting it to be a bit more minty

Asda veggie curry pack – need to add my own flavouring to it I think, was a bit bland

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Losing more than you know

27 August 2014 16 st 1.5 lbs - 4lb loss this week 3st 4lb so far

Well that was a good weight loss, star week is a distant memory and now I am raring to lose atleast 2 lbs next week to get down into the fifteens. So my plan is soup soup and more soup. I will be home alone this weekend so going to venture to the super market and market stalls and get lots of nice fresh veggies and soup up a storm lol.

I'm having a very testing few weeks but I'm determined to stay strong and on plan no matter what gets thrown at me!!!

I'm reassessing my milestone treats as I would really like to travel and meet some of my lovely SW friends so that's my new little plan.

Tip of the week:
Plan.....plan your meals so you don't go off track, best thing I ever did and I'm so greatful when I've had a crap day and I can just look at the meal planner and not have to worry about trying to get inspired to cook something. The slow cooker is really useful for this I usually bang it all in there first thing in the morning and when I get home dinner is ready.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Well it happened

19/08/2014 SW 19 st 5.5 lbs CW 16 st 5.5 lbs - 1lb loss this week

THREEEEEEEE stone gone!! Oh yes oh yes!. It wa sonly a pound off which was pretty gutting but at the same time epic as I got my three stone award!!

I did end up winning WOTY , I told my class the real reasons behind me joining SW and ending up crying you do!!!

I'm very proud but I will be even more prouder next year when I shall be close to target so will feel like I truly deserve it.

This weekend I'm going back to Manchester, I'm very happy that I get to go see my friends. Already planned my snacks and lunch so I don't go off track...sad but true lol

Lets see what the week ahead throws at me!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Weigh in 16 3lb of 2st 13lb in total CW 16st 6.5 lbs

Huzzah...see ya later 3lbs, yes I was gutted it wasn't 4 to get that 3stone award but 3Lbs is AMAZING!!! I'm really glad I got a good result after being so disappointed about my maintain the previous week.

I'm prepared for this next weigh week is looming and I will be happy with a 1lb loss so I get my award because my body likes to do weird and wonderful things but I'd truly like a 3lb loss, but we all know mother nature is evil so we shall see.

I tried the famous diet coke chicken for tea last night...what a revelation and taste sensation that was!! I will definitely be making it again.

I've been nominated for woman of the year and I genuinely don't want to win it, I want to win when I get to target , I'm only a third way through my weight loss so I think it would be unjustified to win. I'm so flattered that I have been nominated, its nice to know other in class think I'm worthy but I just don't feel worthy just yet.

I've been holding off on the exercise but if anyone saw my post yesterday about depression I think it might be a good idea to get those endorphins working. I need to find a class and pronto!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014


I like to talk...a lot...but somethings I dont talk about that often are my depressive times.

 Reasons why I don’t: One that stigma and two..well its depressing talking about depression. On two occassions ive contemplated suicide but im a wuss and I wouldnt want to put my family through that, but still the thought had crossed my mind

I decided to get help twice now because of the circle ...not the fun hakuna matata circle of life but that never ending circle of weight gain and depression I was depressed...i ate..i got fat...i got depressed..i ate..i was depressed that i ate...i ate..i got fatter and so on.

The passing of Robin Williams is uniting a few of us who arent scared to talk abput our depression any longer, there’s nothing shameful with depression , it happens to the best and worst of us, asking for help is the one thing we can do to set us back upon the right path to a healthy mind..then healthy body etc etc.

 Some of my fave things said:

 “cheer up it might never happen”....dude it did happen and it’s all i can think about

 “you dont look depressed you’re always laughing”.....the laughing clown always smiles but on the inside i’m crying

 “you’ll be fine in a few days” ...maybe yes...maybe no, ithas no time constraints..its just a bitch a can hit you out of nowhere just when you feel like you’ve been doing better

 “Why did you never say anything?” well because you make stupid comments all the time...SEE ABOVE!!!!

 Sometimes I just need a few quiet days and sometimes I just need some focus, a good old hug or to just verbally projectile vomit all the stuff that is running around my head at 100 miles an hour on theb days i’m not doing so well. So yeah this is how it is for me, dont be afraid, dont be ashamed, we are here for you

Thursday, 7 August 2014

The Calm After the storm


Normal service has now resumed lol.

After having a complete maintain meltdown the past few days I decided to take a picture of myself just before I started SW and compared it to today and let me tell you I will take that maintain thank you gladly!!!

I've tracked through my book and seen after my big week losses I tend to have a small loss and well now maintains might just be part of it. I will be happy with that as long as I never gain.

I've started to think more about targets and my present to myself once I smash it. Well the first thought was the biggest Cornish pasty known to man but that goes against everything I believe in by rewarding with food you're just fueling your addiction so there's that idea gone.

So I've decided its gonna be a bikini...anyone who knows me knows i'm probably the last person you'd ever expect to hear that from but there's this kick ass model called Ruby Rose (who just happens to be all kinds of HOT!!) who embraces her tpm boy and rocks the bikini so ya know what...... so am I!!!

I'm glad I was able to shake the cloud of doom away so quick, normally i'd let it fester for  a while but with a supportive other half wrting me sweet notes and making me breakfast, a three year old who needs some serious energy zapping from him and a mental fluff ball dog I have haven't got time to feel sorry for myself.

Onwards and upwards people...time to kick some ass!!!

(This blog has been brought to you in association with Dr Pepper Zero, unicorn dust and the letter U)

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


SW 19 st 5 ½ lbs CW 16st 9 ½ - MAINTAINED


  So frustrated at this weeks maintain , as always been 100% on plan, even changed up my hexa and hexb choices and tried new foods...well that worked...NOT!!!! I may or may not have had a little cry, I’m just very determined and not getting the result I wanted has just peed me off. BUT it’s done I can’t change it so it’s onto a new week. I won the raffle so will be making salt and pepper of Sarah’s faves. I will keep on with the meal planning and think i may as well bite the exercise bullet and see what happens.

Things in my head this week:
• One can not replicate pastry into a SW doesn’t no pasties for me
• There are other B choices than hifi bars – welcome back bread rolls (barms as this manc calls em)
• Fry light is my life and I need shares in this bad would be interesting to see their sales figures since SW has been using it on its plans
• Why the eff are babybel so expensive?... They only ever get bought when they are on offer.
• I do like black coffee as long as it has my sugar free syrup ..adios milk HEXA welcome home cheese!

Instagram: Can’t quite believe I’m at 500 followers, mostly gained since starting SW (what up SW homies), it has quite simply kept me on plan and saved me. I’m getting lots of recipe ideas and making amazingly fabulous new friends. I’m very honest about how i’m doing and how I fell about stuff so it should be no surprise how blunt I will be if someone posts that they can’t understand where they’ve gone wrong and put on when they’ve been having treat meals after weigh in or celebrating. I am also adamant about sneaky weigh ins..if you go to class just weigh yourself there on those scales, they are the only true reading that shows up in your book each week, don’t torture yourself by weighing yourself daily and on different scales to those at class. You weigh different at different times of the day and the week. I was a serial weigher and watched how many body fluctuated by 1-3 pounds in the space of just hours...bodies are weird we just have to accept that.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Shoulda Would Coulda

Oh Hindsight you cruel cruel bastard....The reality is this...Since 2003 I’ve been yo yoing back and forth , having success and then laughing in the face of my glory and success and been a cocky bitch and come off the plan that works for me...that cliché of “it’s not a diet it’s a life style change” is completely true. So here we are (well there we were April 2014) Not quite the heaviest I’ve ever been (20 st 6) but not far off (19 st 5), miserable, over weight and mad at myself for letting food get the better of my emotions once again. I’m now living in Wakefield with an amazing partner and a little boy (minion aged 3) and a fluff ball puppy called Sheldon. It was time to bite the bullet and head back to Slimming World after those painful words straight out of the mouths of a 3 year old “Don’t eat a second plate of food or you will get even fatter than you are” (Insert knife in heart emoji) So 22nd April we both started at class, I know Slimming World like the back of my hand for red and green days but what the hell is this easy extra malarkey all about? It was time to find out. That first weigh in was a shocker but straight away I had that first week determination and managed to get my head round extra easy. I welcomed hifi bars back into my life (oh how I missed you) and stocked the cupboards with fry light, marshmallows and mikados. I’m an all or nothing girl (I refuse to be called a lady or woman..I AM Peter(Petra) Pan) so its stick to it 100% or nada....14 weigh ins later I’m down 2st 10 lbs currently at 16st 9.5 lbs, I’m kicking ass, taking numbers and SOTW and SOTM awards.....I should’ve stayed...SW is the right place for me and I’m sorry for cheating on you SW...please take me back! I need to start documenting my mad ramblings again just for my own sanity more than anything. I have wicked support from my other half, most of my class and from some wonderful SW buddies I’ve made from Instagram( what upppppp peeps) but sometimes I need to just write everything down so I will try to do it weekly and post some progress pics too. So buckle up for the bumpy ride.